Tuesday, June 14, 2005


It's out, baby!

The details (I copied some of this from a posting I put on the webmagic forum):

Last week, when I registered on the phone with the hospital, they said I was going to get twilight sedation again, but when I got there, the doctor said he was only planning on using lidocaine. The idea was a little creepy, but in the end was no big deal and much quicker.

So, they put me in a gown, roll me to the room, drape me so I can't see what's going on, cover me with lots of freezing alcohol (they "cracked" the container holding the alcohol to make it cold -- awesome!), and give me a big shot of lidocaine (a little stick and some burning, but no big deal). Then, he starts the incision. I felt some cutting at first (more uncomfortable than painful -- it felt like needle sticks), so he gave me a bit more lidocaine. I felt some pulling and pressure, and then it was over. I had given birth to a bloody, clear plastic port -- ironically 9 months tomorrow TO THE DAY that it was put in! Congratulations! He closed the incision (he only cut where the port stuck out, not by the incision in my neck), put sterile crazy glue all over it (yep, that's the truth), and then it was over. The best part was touching my neck and not feeling the catheter anymore.

The whole thing took maybe 20 minutes? The sutures took much longer than the port removal. I tried and tried to keep my port (apparently it's illegal being a biohazard and all...) and got the doctor to agree to give it to me, but the nurse in the room was a real "rule follower" and said that it was illegal for me to take it. I tried to plead charmingly saying it was my cancer trophy and that I had worked hard for it, but I was summarily overruled. I hate to admit it, but I was really annoyed. The only blight on the experience.

All in all a great day. No sedation hangover and no more artificial parts in this body! I would NEVER have done chemo without the port, but I'm happy to be...emancipated. Once the sutures heal, I'll really feel done with the whole thing. Getting the port out was the final nail in HD's coffin -- much more final than the last chemo.

I have to wait a couple of days before I can work out again. In the meantime, is it time to forget all of this and move on? Do I even continue this blog? What to do, what to do...


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