Thursday, June 09, 2005

Wait, I have muscles?!?

I have started walking and/or going to the gym everyday. It is a most wonderful feeling as I remember lying on the couch for weeks and weeks dreaming of physical activity. I live in a hilly neighborhood and try to pick the routes that will take me up as many hills as possible. Oh mama! It hurts like a mofo. I have that sore feeling you get from working out too hard. I LOVE that feeling! Amazingly, I am getting very sore from some very slow walking! Oh well, I know my stamina and conditioning will improve one of these days.

I joined Curves today. It's a gym for women. Actually, it's not really a traditional gym, but one circuit that you go through twice for a total of 30 minutes. Going to Curves actually reminds me a bit of chemo because I am the youngest person in there by like 30 years! :-) Of course, I'm not working now and go in the middle of the day, so it makes sense that it's me and the retirees.

Went to oncologist for my PET follow up appointment. We discussed the good news, and he answered some of my questions about fertility, vitamins, going to the dentist, etc. I was practically elated when we left the office because I've really started to believe that I may have kicked this thing. (Incidentally, I got physically nervous just from writing that down!) For the last half of chemo I became nearly obsessed with the idea of recurrence. Now, I think about it very little. Is it denial? Or, is it the way I should be thinking now?

I went to the pulmanologist on Monday. My PFTs were below average which is quite confusing because my lungs feel totally normal. I distinctly remember what Bleo toxicity felt like, and I don't feel any of those symptoms. We're thinking the low numbers are a result of either or both anemia and allergies. Plus, they chart the PFTs against an average -- you know, woman of certain height, weight, etc. -- hopefully my current, "bloated" state threw the averages off.

There have been some interesting threads on the Hodgkin's board I read. I've been doing a lot of thinking about heroes, empathy and "it all happened for a reason." I'll write more when I figure it out. I know you're waiting with baited breath.

Speaking of, does anyone know how to check to see how many people read or check blogs? I saw that Blogger currently does not have a counter for blog templates, but I'd be curious to check it out...


Anonymous Jason Barker said...

I'm not sure if you can check how many people visited or not. I put a counter onmine when I started it. If I hear of a way I will let you know. Good luck on getting port out. I cant wait til the end of my treatment, remission, port out, etc,etc. Take care.

12:36 AM  

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